Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a phone call away

DD4 and DS3 (ages 8 and 6) have recently added a new phone number to their memory cell number. They seem to think that "emergency", while I am at work, qualifies as DS3 wanting to spend his $20 birthday money at the local convenience store...

Not really what I had in mind when I told them I would always be just a phone call away. That being said, I am SO glad they know they can call me.

I will be going over a finances lesson with them and doing something we should have started a while ago, but weren't in a financial situation ourselves, allowances. We will be discussing tithing (which they all ready know about but I will teach them how to apply it to their own finances) and what to do as far as "spending money" and "savings".

After the lessons DH & I have learned the hard way about finances, I think we are all ready late in starting to teach them. Perhaps a post about it later on what we decided to do with them.


  1. I think it is a great feeling when your kids can remember a phone number. You know that if they get seperated from you in a busy place that there will be a way for them to get reunited.

    We had our three kids chanting Mr B's new mobile number as we walked between the car park and stadium at a big International Rugby match this weekend.

    It never occured to me they might use it outside of a REAL emergency though. Maybe I need to have a clarification chat with them at tea tonight!

  2. It might help Gina. You never know what they consider an emergency, like buying a treat. {Grin}

    Did you ever hear the telephone call between the young kid and the 911 operator? The child needed help with math and his (I think it was a he) parents told him if he ever needed help to call 911. He did and the 911 operator helped him! It was cute!

  3. I hadn't heard that one but it is a funny story! At least the kid listened to his parents!