Monday, September 28, 2009

Jesus? Is that you, Jesus?

Driving to the church the other morning, we had the sun shining brightly in our windshield - fully blinding all of us who had not brought our sunglasses with us.

DS3, from the backseat, asked us if that was Jesus. Yep, here's how that circular conversation went.

Him: Um, is dat Jesus up ahead of us?

Us: No, that's the sun.

Him: Well, Jesus is the son.

Us: Yes, honey, He is the son but that is the sun; you know that makes daylight...?

Him: But Jesus is the Light.

Us: You're right; He is the Light but that is the sun s.u.n. not s.o.n. Jesus is the s.o.n. and that is the s.u.n. - the ball of burning gas that keeps us warm and makes the world light...

Him: So...that's Jesus....

Um, yea, ok, it's Jesus! {Grin} He was so adamant that it was Jesus and, although a bit frustrating, it was uber cute!


  1. So glad I could speak to your heart with my post about last times. To hear kids perecptions and views about religion. My older son asks such amazing thought provoking questions.

  2. What a cute way of seeing things from a childs perception! You just cant argue with them sometimes.