Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Poor Thing

Yes, that's what she said. She who? Oh, didn't I tell you? Sorry.

I got a call to go do some ward clerking in ICU at our hospital this morning. There was an RN there that I didn't know. She asked me if I had gotten a perm.

Nope, this is all natural.

And she said, "All natural!? You poor thing..."


  1. That is SO rude!
    Had she any idea how that would sound? Some people just speak before their brain cells kick in.

  2. I am hoping that she meant it in a way that she pities me b/c there is not much I can do with my hair and we don't have people in our town who are experienced with this type of curl...Perhaps...hopefully...

    But, you are right; people do speak before brain cells engage.

    I am glad though that I didn't take offense to it. Nobody can offend you; you have to take it and that, my friend, was not my mail to open. {grin}

  3. Oh, that is just unbelievably RUDE!!