Monday, September 21, 2009

With this ring...

Take a gander at some of the pictures of the wedding when I wasn't focused on decorations...they looked great. My sistah, looked absolutely stunning and now, they sit in Hawaii, on a beach, soaking up the sun, loving being in love. Yay for them!

My sistah and I; I love her SO. SO much!

An emotional and touching moment in the speeches from the groom's dad. There was so much love at this wedding. The best man loves his best friend so much and it shone through his speech in the form of raw emotion. It was such a pure, absolute love. The speeches were wonderful! None as emotional as the one given by my nephew at last week's wedding but still...

A moment of sisterly love captured. No, they are not biological sisters but I think they are closer than any two sisters I have ever met. They lived together for years and are closer sisters than my own sister and I are (sadly).

At the ceremony. Aren't they a beautiful couple?!? Do I seriously have to wait a couple years in order to see how adorable their kids are going to be?

Piano man...drummer, guitar player, singer....seriously, this guy can play them all and is GOOD at all of them! He sang and played as Beka walked down the aisle. A very, very talented man. (At the rehearsal the night before he sounded a lot like Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer as he was fooling around at the keyboard, making up lyrics with us as his inspiration - a lot of fun!

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  1. It looks like it was a wonderful time. Beautiful job on the decorations, btw, I saw the other post you made with those pictures, too.