Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heart Update

Last week I let you readers in on a little health scare we had for Tuff (formerly known as DS2- those names just seemed so impersonal so I am bringing in their nicknames here).

I am thrilled to bring you this update from the Internal Specialist. Tuff has a perfectly normal 15-year-old-boy ECG. He speculated that the Nurse Practitioner has not had much experience reading 15-year-old ECGs (meaning of course of a 15 year old and not having been done 15 years ago. Grin) as they tend to be "louder" than the ECGs they would see from people with say 45 years of BigMac, soft drink, lack of exercise fat around their hearts which would "quiet" them. His atrium is NOT enlarged and Dr. A fully believes that Tuff has simply "hurt" a few of his chest muscles by doing some of the goofy things that 15 year old boys do, say if there are pretty girls around and he happens to be doing chin-ups or some other "boy" exercise.

He has been given the green light to go back to his regular routine with the exception of not doing anything that would use his chest muscles - push-ups, weightlifting, etc. Tuff is very "stoked" - ahem - to be able to dust off his skateboard and carry on in his usual manner of emulating Tony Hawk.

He will be going back for a Stress Test just to be on the "safe side".

So, Tuff has enjoyed a week of being able to Ollie, do kick flips and whatever other things you can do with a skateboard, and he has been able to get back to work and earn himself some spending money. He is a happy guy...

(picture from last winter.)


  1. So glad to hear that Tuff is doing well! What a blessing. Thank you God!

    Thank you for leaving a message on my blog.

    I had another appt. this morning, which included an ultrasound, non-stress test and an exam. Everything came out great...baby looked fine and scored perfect on the ultrasound and non-stress test. My c-section has been scheduled for the 13th.

    I am extremely tired...contractions seem to come at night (painful) and tend to keep me up wondering if it is "true" labor. So far they haven't progressed so I am still pregnant :)

    I am looking forward to meeting this little one, but know that she will come in the Lord's time.

    I have another cross country meet to attend today. So many things to keep my mind busy.

    You are sweet to ask me how I'm doing. Thank you! I will try to update my blog soon.

    With love and hope,

  2. I'm so gald you are using nicknames now. It is more personal. Gald to hear he is doing well. :)