Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just made my son cry


...he made me cry first so it's, like, fair and all that junk.

Ok, so maybe it's not fair but it really did happen.

At the supper table he told us how he told his 6 year old buddies, in a joking way, that it was his turn to run away next. He said "But mama, you know I was just joking."

It was too late; I was all ready sobbing and he couldn't look at me because of how poorly he felt that his words had made me cry.

So there we sat, him not able to look at me and trying to stop crying, and me trying to stop crying and trying to let him know I wasn't upset at him and that he had just caught me off guard.

Just so you all know, we worked it all out {grin}; he tickled me until it hurt and he went away happy. The End


  1. Oh, poor momma and poor little guy. I have no doubt in my mind that I would've been crying inconsolably if in the same position. I'm glad to hear everything is okay and he'll be able to go to bed happy.

  2. Aaaw! I'm so young in my journey as a mom... I'm so afraid I won't have your strength if we meet with obstacles along the way. But it sounds like you have plenty of love to prop you up. I will keep you in my prayers - one day everything will work out!