Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Review

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I didn't know the magnitude of what I was beginning to deal with, and I didn't know how personal I wanted to get. As the blog has prgressed I have begun to add pictures and more non-parental struggle type posts.

Two posts ago I was all like this is ridiculous! My kids have names - and in this case nicknames and I hate how formal the whole DS or DD insert number here thing sounded. From the beginning I hated that about this blog. And so, on that post I decided to call my children by "name", instead of by number, making them sound like inmates or something.

Please allow me to re-introduce my family to you and give you some names to the faces I previously referred to as numbers. Sheesh!

LilB lives down in Kansas City, Mo, was married but is going through a divorce right now as his wife decided perhaps she wasn't ready to settle down to one guy - after 3 years of marriage. Now don't get me wrong, there are always two sides to every story and there are to this as well - it just so happens that her part of the story was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak.

P.B.&J. Our oldest daughter and her husband. She graduated last May getting her L.P.N and he is a welder. (They are also caring for our 16 year old.) These two are high school sweethearts and so completely cute together.

Rush, our 16 year old on the lamb. Well, not really but yes. She is in a period of her life where she is her only focus and only concern - but, that being said, we know that eventually she will hit the age we all did and she'll be like WOW I TOTALLY DON'T KNOW ALL THE THINGS I THOUGHT I DID - PERHAPS MY PARENTS WERE RIGHT. But that isn't all she is; she isn't just the Runaway. She is my firstborn; she aspires to become a nurse, is excellent with children and is a great musician when she puts her mind to it.

Tuff is our skateboarder; he has loved it since, well, forever. He is Bug's hero and has a heart the size of Texas.

This picture of BabyK was taken 3 years ago; she is far more grown up and just as beautiful than when this picture was taken. She is an incredible girl and has a sense of humor that sometimes leaves her dad's head spinning. take her most recent Facebook status: BabyK agrees to disagree that it is agreeable to agree on the subject of disagreeing to agree to disagree.

Jellybean is our "almost" 9 year old with the wisdom of a 89 year old. Her heart is soft and kind and loving and she will love you as much as you love her within minutes of meeting each other.

Bug, the "man" of the house when daddy is gone. He is lover of all things creepy, crawly, soft, snuggly, of all things Batman and Spiderman and secret agent; he is also a very intense, passionate young man who will give you the shirt off his back to help you out


  1. So nice to meet your kids! I liked your description about Rush - haha! We all reach the stage when we have a reality check - she will too :o)

    I've always used my kids real names and just on my last blog started referring to them more by the nicknames we call them. But all 180 previous posts have their real names :o) It does help the reader feel more a part of what is being said, I guess.

  2. It's good to meet your family! As you know, I've always used my kids names too...thankfully I only have 3!

  3. It is really nice to be introduced!

    I have used my kids names from the start, simply because I didn't ever imagine more than family reading our blog. It is too late now but luckily we have never experienced anything negative.