Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And I will lay out

before you

the clothes I am planning to wear, just as I am planning to wear them.

(Yes, my son's room is messy.  No, that is not a one time thing.  Yes, he did plan to wear mismatched socks.  No, I didn't make him find a matching pair; I was just happy he planned to wear socks.)


  1. I have given up trying to convince my 11 year old to wear dress socks instead of sweat socks (white) to church. I love the fact that he is just wearing socks, like you said :) I have arrived at church at times to realize he has no socks on.

    With love and hope,
    We are Nine

  2. You haven't seen messy until you've seen my kids' room. And my daughter just today wore one navy blue sock and one orange sock but she wore then with boots so no one saw them, or so she tells me....

    Just popping in from the BlogFrog to say HI!