Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I promised it, didn't I?

I'm pretty sure I did. And, if memory serves me correctly, I am only about 3 weeks behind schedule in fulfilling that promise. But I am okay with that and, well, you all sort of have to be because, well, I didn't get the pictures on here until now. So, here you are. You're welcome.

May I present to you pictures of our weekend with Rush (Dec 19/09).

She did enjoy working on our traditional gingerbread house a bit more than it looks in the above picture.

Jellybean and Bug sampling some of the decorations.

Rush checking out her tunes...

This year's house was more of a gingerbread crack house than our usual gingerbread winter fun-land. The icing was not set quite enough when we began decorating and the house shifted...giving it the appearance of one of the houses from our downtown core...

What more could they want from their time with Rush? Pajama party, snuggling on the loveseat, watching a movie and eating chips.
There were moments that Saturday, between Rush and her siblings, that spoke to us that she does miss them...


  1. I'm glad you were able to have a pleasant visit with her!

  2. It looks like your visit went exceptionally well... The little ones look SO happy to have her there. I hope she sees these photos too and gets the same feelings.