Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gone. Gone. Gone.

You've been gone so long. You've been gone, gone, gone so long...

Anyone else remember that song by Chilawak (spelling?)?

My husband was gone all last week (and by that I mean the whole work week; he does come home on weekends). Usually he is gone one week and home the next and it stinks but it is workable, managable and fathomable. This month he was gone last week, is gone this week and will be gone next week. I will do what I have to during these days and I will, for the most part, do it with a smile on my face but, can someone say "Sucks!"? It does. For so many reasons. My best friend is gone. It just isn't the same talking to him on Skype with his, usually, poor internet connection, with his mugshot freezing on the webcam every couple of minutes.

It also stinks that I am now, getting us all ready for school/work solo - you know bath giving, lunch making, hair brushing, mitten finding, agenda signing, homework helping, lizard feeding/spraying, fish feeding, devotional reading so-lo. We get it done, and get it done fairly smoothly but it's just not the same. At the end of my shift I race drive as effectively as I can while maintaining the speed limit to the school to pick up Bug and his friend and take them back to our house were they play for two hours before I do the switcheroo. I take K back to the school and replace him with Jellybean; get the kids back home and get a snack into them because they will surely die if they don't eat now instead of waiting the hour until supper is completely ready. I finish supper and the bath giving, bedtime story reading, tooth brush reminding, hands and face washing enforcing, feed the cat reminding, chore delegating, instrument practice instigating, mitten drying, peed bedding washing schedule begins again... solo.

It's nice to have someone around to help with that or to keep you company while you do that. I have done the whole single parent thing all ready. I had enough of that.

So, now he's gone again. We have talked to him, said our goodnights and I have taken care of almost all of the things I needed to this evening (except getting the non-dishwasher dishes done)and I have gotten our car back from the repair shop where it was getting its back window replaced. It looks lovely by the way; I never thought getting a window put in your car could make one family so happy.

Anyway, back to the original point of this post. Really, it was only going to be about a 4 sentence post.

When BigB is gone, I have a hard time sleeping. Everything seems, simultaneously, so loud and so quiet. I get a form of insomnia I guess. Were I smart enough to go lie down in bed I would probably fall asleep but I feel lonely or something.

Back to the point. Ahem

It is one thing to listen to your spouse or your children softly sleeping and/or snoring when you have "insomnia". It's totally another when the snoring you are listening to is the soft, squeaky snoring of your cat, who, by the way, is curled up on your brand new fuzzy blanket that YOU got for Christmas!

Yep, I am having a hard time with that one.


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  1. I'm trying to think of something uplifting and cheerful to say ... Trying to think of a silver lining. But in all honesty I feel for you. When my youngest was a baby my husband worked two jobs and I just missed the small talk as I tidied up and got things ready for the next day. I hope this working away from home is a short term thing. Keep your chin up. You are doing a great job.

    P.S glad the car got sorted eventually. Your rant and rave to the man who picked your car up had me laughing so hard. Glad you can keep your humour up in stressful times.