Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Walmart's Open...

...So are we...
(that's a little saying our friends down in Kansas City, Mo at WRC have for snow day closures)

This past weekend, we had 6 inches of snow fall in a 24-hour period...after a couple days of freezing rain. That did not stop our congregation from pushing snow to get there.

No matter how they had to get there.  (ok, he actually took a cab and only had to walk about a block but that didn't seem quite so dramatic but I could never mislead you guys! {grin})

Between the two buildings (school & sanctuary) we have quite a nice wind tunnel and so, BigB needed to shovel us into the sanctuary. And into the parking lot and...

I know it sure was tough driving.  I got stuck 3 times on Saturday; BigB got stuck once.  Have I mentioned I got out all three times on my own while he needed to call someone to push him?  {GRIN} Do I have to mention that he was way more stuck that I ever was?  Would it be unfair to leave that out?

I also had to put my country girl driving into full force much to the dismay of the truck I was barely able to miss creaming.  Thank God I missed!  Thank God he was able to move just enough.  What happened?  So glad you asked.  I was attempting to stop at a red light.  Remember it had just spent 2 days giving us freezing rain.  The sanding trucks hadn't been out yet.  I stepped on the brakes; the car kept going.  A whole lot of steering wheel manipulating and praying, and I managed to change my direction and my mind and turn the corner at that intersection instead of going through the red light, and ALMOST make it look like that is what I planned to do in the first place.
Ok, I didn't manage that at all but it was an adrenaline rush and not at all worth the panic but totally unavoidable.

My car-riding partner and I did the only thing you can do in a situation like that - no panic, no freak out; we laughed and changed the words to a song that says "thank God I'm a country boy"

Well, I learned how to drive and I learned how to shovel.
I learned to avoid car wrecks and rubble.
Thank God I'm a country girl! 

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  1. I miss the snow, sort of. We haven't had any since before Christmas. Just cold, gray, gloomy days. So not normal for Colorado!