Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Story of a Girl

Continued from Part One.

After three volatile years of marriage, the girl finally left her husband, taking her young daughter with her, after watching her husband pick up a ride-on toy and throw it across the yard, towards her daughter, not once but three consecutive times. It was the all the girl could do to gather their things, call her mom to come get her, and leave all else behind, including her house with the huge yard and garden, a cat she rescued from the bitter cold one winter, her daughter's poodle/terrier, Princess and er very own purebred Samoyed, Tishka.

The girl moved back in with her mother and step-father for a few months to get back on her feet, went back to school to get her Automated Office Administration course and eventually moved in with a room-mate who had a daughter one year older than the girl's own daughter.

The girl and the room-mate spent most of their time attempting to forget their past hurts by going to the bar 4 nights a week, and the girl, decided to take control of her own body by willingly giving herself away to guys because it seemed easier in her head to do it that way than to have them forcefully take it from her. Her shame drove her to drink more, and to turn to drugs as well. She learned a valuable lesson from that though, once she snapped out of it, you will still have to deal with the guilt and then some the next day.

One night, she ran into a boy that she knew, that she thought she trusted; he invited her back to his parent's house to watch a movie. By the end of the night she would wind up victim {gee, I hate that word}of yet another date rape.

Broken, battered, alone and running her health further into the ground, the girl knew she had but one person in this world that she could count on, one person she knew she was safe to love. Her health was failing due to eating disorders and her lifestyle. She began to feel as rough as she looked, so she went to a doctor who told her she was pregnant. This doctor then told her that her she was too ill to carry this child. Lost, confused, and broken, she put her trust in his medical position, as well as similar advice from the room-mate.

Many nights she found herself crying, on the steps of her house, for someone to make everything ok. She began to believe the doctor that having this baby would leave her daughter motherless and back in the violent clutches of her father. The girl cried each night knowing that the child that was growing within her, and that could take her life, was conceived out of hatred, control and sadness. With no one in her family on supporting her in any aspect of her life, she felt her choice was clear.

To be continued.