Friday, January 15, 2010

Rockin' out to The Final Countdown

I know, I am dating myself by talking about this but, I am comfortable with that.

The other day I was in a supermarket near my house, just me and Bug. I don't normally go to this market so I am unfamiliar with where things are and so, we were just strolling the aisles looking for what we needed. Music was playing from the ceiling speakers.

As we rounded a corner we just about ran right into a man who looked to be fortyish just rockin' out to Europe's The Final Countdown. I felt like I had just stumbled into some comedic 1992 movie.

He turned a few shades of red and immediately left the aisle we were in and Bug asked me "WHAT was dat man doin', Mom? Cra-azy!"

It was good for a chuckle (other than embarrassing the poor guy) and was a good little trip back down memory lane.


  1. Ha, too funny! I LOVE 80s music!

    Oh, by the way, I'm a follower now! :-)