Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

Here's a bit of "therapy" - a fun little blog carnival started by Mckmama of all the things we did not do. Check out some of the other ladies by following this link, here.

As previously mentioned on my blog, we did not start last week off by having some kids with nothing better to do, smash our back window out of our car using a ceramic tile. You can not see the picture of our lovely, crumbling window here.

I did not get stopped by the police that same day because of the window; they did not thnk it was me who had broken and thus stole my crumbling car. When asked who I thought may have done this to our car, I did not respond "Probably the same bored kids who threw the brick at my car door last week."

I have not been driving around with plastic duct taped to my car in lieu of a back window for the past week. I have not been thankful EVERY day that we wake up to well above typical January temps for our northern Canadian location.

We do not have an appointment tomorrow to get the window replaced and my husband is not, right now, going to a salvage yard to purchase our "new to us" back window.

I did not call my husband, while he was gone on a business trip this past week, crying because our sweet 9 year old daughter did not come up to me to tell me that God had just told her to give us her savings money...the money she has been saving to buy herself a Nintendo order to help us buy the window we need. When I told her she did not have to do that, she did not say, "But mom, we need a new window more than I need a DS and God told me to. If He wants to bless me with a DS He will - somehow." Her father and I did not have to think about whether we would or wouldn't take the money; our very good friend and an Elder at our church did not ask us if we were planning on denying Jellybean the blessing of obeying what she believes God had told her to do.

I am not feeling like a work widow this month. My husband has not been gone all last week and won't be gone all this coming week and the week to follow. We do not hang aroung my laptop waiting to see Daddy on-line so we can talk to him via skype every night he is gone.

I did not have a lot of fun last night taking pictures some of our church congregation playing a game of hockey. It is never any fun being in the rink, hearing the sound of the puck echo as it ricochets off the boards, or hearing the friendly banter between the players...

You would not believe that this young man is a former gang member whose life has been and is being transformed at Canadian Revival Centre (my home church).


  1. Great Not Me's. That just melts my heart about your daughter. What a sweetheart!

  2. Mine too, Suzi. Especially considering she had $100 saved. She had 90% of her DS saved for...