Thursday, January 7, 2010


You were to come over to my house right now you would hear Jellybean and Bug playing in Bug's room. They are playing with their chipmunk toys from their McDonalds' happy meals and their toy horses.

If you were to be sitting in my living room with me {I would be being VERY rude right now because I probably should be visiting with you instead of being on my laptop}, you would hear Jellybean saying to Bug, "Okay, let's pretend that your horse, Checkers, hadn't won a race in a really long time so the rest of us decided to pretend to race and then at the very last minute we would all slow down so Checkers could win - including your other horse, Buttons. Ok?"

If you were sitting with me, chuckling at their playful commentaries, we would hear them yelling to Alvin, "Don't go towards the light! Don't go towards the light! C'mon Alvin, you can do it!"

If you were here, your heart would have just dropped with mine as we heard an ambulance and a fire truck race down our street and you would have wondered with me, 'what now?'.

If you were here to have heard the last two occurances, you would have thought, like I , that that was very strange indeed, considering the kids playing with Alvin going towards the light happened a full 30 seconds before we heard any sirens.

If you were visiting my city for any length of time, you would all ready know that a very prominent gang member/co-founder was murdered in the Penitentiary two days ago, that the jails in this province are in lock-down, and people are sitting on the edges of their seats waiting to see the repercussions of this {those waiting most anxiously are those employed at the provincial and federal jails, and their families}.

If you were aware of the above current event, it may also come up in conversation that my mom is a guard in one of the jails, but not the jail the murder occurred in. You would also know that there is a tension in the air that can only be attributed to the feelings people are having over this - the good and the bad.

If you were sitting in my living room with me, you would be looking at a grey laundry basket with several half pairs of socks, and we would be trying to figure out just where those silly socks go.

If you were here for coffee, we would have to go to Starbucks or to the Tim Hortons drive-thru because, since I don't drink coffee, I have never learned how to make it...

You also would have seen Bug running through the living room with his shirt stuck on his head as he was trying to get ready for bed, giggling as he shrieked, "I'm a lady! I'm a la-dy!".

You probably would have smiled a quiet smile as Jellybean sang us the song she just wrote for someone she loves VERY much - God.

And you would have laughed to hear Bug tell me that "when you gave me the squishy bear hug, my spine bone cracked in a hundred pieces and then it went back together VERY fast." (kinda reminds me of this post)

Your turn! What would we be doing if we were in YOUR house?


  1. If you were in my house you would hear the quiet gentle breaths of my little Elisabeth in her swing, which by the way she doesn't like turned on...we think she gets motion sickness.

    You would hear my daughter through her closed door talking on the phone or she would be text messaging her "friend" who she plans on dating when she turns 18 in April.

    You would not hear my two younger boys because they are probably snuggled together in the bottom bed of their bunk beds sleeping. Neither one of them ever hardly sleeps in the upper bed. They prefer to be with one another :)

    My two older boys would be reading/doing homework in their room.

    My husband would be snoozing up in our bed because he got so frustrated over the fact that our router for the computers wasn't working and he is struggling to get his computer on line.

    I am alone (except for the baby in the swing) at my computer in a dark room with only the glow of the screen, typing away and reading some blogs.

    I can hear the ice maker in our refrigerator freezer dropping ice cubes once in a while and the hum of the fan on the pellet stove. I can see the orange glow of the flames from the pellet stove in the next room.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. What a wonderful picture to think about the prayers that were said while making the beautiful quilt.

    When Caleb died I received many prayer blankets (afgans) and there was one in particular that every time that I would lie on my couch, and I did that often in the aftermath of his death, I would snuggle with the blanket and I would picture God's love around me. What a blessing.

    With love and hope my friend,
    Love reading your blog,
    We are Nine

  2. This was absolutely adorable! :) I love this idea and I am so happy you shared it with us. :)