Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

Are you guilty of closing bedroom doors when company comes to visit?  Feeling extreme waves of guilt because you burnt your supper blogging instead of cooking?  Well, don't.  McMama has come up with a solution to our guilt.  Check out this week's Not Me Monday to see what we all have NOT done and, perhaps join in yourself; it's a lot of fu-un!

It was NOT my daughter who came to me on Saturday morning thinking that the lizard, Mr. Fred was really NOT in his terrarium.  It was then NOT me who looked under his rocks, looked inside his log, shook the log, and shook the plant to try to find Mr. Fred.  Mr. Fred was really NOT FOUND! 

It was definitely NOT me who began have convulsions of grossed out prportions because that thing was allegedly walking around my house - possibly crawling on my walls or on the ceiling because, yes, he can do that!

I did not have to leave the house before said killer reptile could be located and it did NOT come up in my conversation several times that day.  My friends definitely did NOT decide that they were not coming to my house EVER until this reptilian friend had been located - dead or alive.

This is not my lizard finding gear; I am not more terrified of a 4 inch lizard than I ever was to fight a 6'6" biker; my husband does not get that.  No, he really is baffled by the whole thing.  (And yes, I did take on a 6'6" biker.  He got in my way. Ok, ok!  I ran into him and it was totally not his fault.  Poor guy never saw it coming.) Just look at those crazy eyes; I was totally prepared to use that weapon too! {Grin}

We did NOT come home to find Mr. Fred right where he belongs - he's a great hider!

It snowed here this weekend.  A LOT!  Twice the amount it has snowed here all winter.  I did NOT get stuck.  My husband did NOT get stuck.  Half our chuch congregation did NOT get stuck.

I did NOT go out in public looking like this.

And I most certainly did NOT go get a few groceries (so we could entertain guests later that night) looking like this.

Now, it is your turn.  What are you not willing to take credit for?
Happy Not Meing and Happy Monday!


  1. :D I just love those photos :D :D hillarious :)

  2. I have Not Ever burned dinner while blogging...haha