Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My kids have a very good (kid) reason to be disappointed today, but they are not and it amazes me as to why they are not.  You see, today was a "reward day" at school and the kids were going to a nearby town to go to their wave pool for the day.  Everyone was piled into their designated vans and about to leave the school when they got a call that the heater at the pool was broken and the water was in the minus temperatures - trip postponed until Monday.

I thought they would be devestated, especially Bug (being only 6 years old and all, that can be a pretty big let down).  I should have more faith in my children.  Here is what he said about the whole thing.

"Mama, our trip to de pool was 'tancelled'.  We're not goin' now 'til Monday."

"I'm sorry to hear that, buddy."

"Oh Mama, dat's 'otay'.  Dat just means I have more days t'be excited for it comin'."

Perspective.  Some days I could really use some fresh perspective like that.  Some days I get down.  Down because we seem to be struggling with our finances - even though we are way better off than we were; we just don't have the credit cards to make it seem like we are doing better than we really are.  We have two small debts to pay off and that is it.  I need to have some fresh perspective...

You know, look to my 6 year old as an example in this because he is clearly more learned than I in this department or God has given him a much clearer revelation. {Grin}  I don't know about you but I am not too proud to learn from my children.  God is looking for a humble, teachable spirit.  I am not too proud to be taught by those who understand something better than I - even if they happen to be the cutest 6 year old boy I know! I think that would read more appropriately if I say 'especially' and not 'even'.

BigB & I have learned quite a few lessons from our children the last little while.  From Bug's viewpoint today to Jellybean giving up her just-over-$100-savings in order to buy a car window because "God told her to", and to be honest, the list is much bigger than that.

What have your children taught you?


  1. Believe it or not I've learned a lot about sharing from my daughter. I was an only child (with two step sibling who were out of the house before my mom and step-dad married, so still grew up an only child) and being an only you don't have to share much. My son, the oldest, often takes after me, taking very good care of his things, always knowing where things are and putting them away (okay sometimes he doesn't but mostly he's good at it). But he is selfish, sharing nothing unless it's been requested of him to do so. My daughter, the youngest, is busy, hyper, active, unorganized throws everything on the floor all the time and knows where nothing is. BUT she shares anything and everything with anyone even strangers. One day I bought her a pack of gum at the store (the 18 count kind) and before we had even left every single piece was given away. Boy she made some people smile. And I've learned man if only my son and I could catch onto that, there would be far less arguments around our house.

    Sorry, didn't mean to write a book there!

  2. I guess my kids teach me patience....!
    They teach me that no matter how hard I clean and tidy my house never looks perfect but that's ok. That it is better to look back on a day of playing, crafting and laughter than to look upon a tidy kitchen ....